South Florida’s Soles By Sir Takes Breast Cancer Awareness To The NFL

MIAMI (CBSMiami) — Marcus Rivero is a tire wholesaler by day and by night the sir of Soles By Sir.

He moonlights as a custom cleat maker for the best players in the National Football League (NFL). He charges more than a thousand dollars for his services and spends hours creating masterpieces on the feet of football legends and it all started with one pair.

“I found a pair of shoes. I didn’t like the color and I thought it can’t be that hard to paint this. So I bought paint. I bought stuff online. Twenty hours later, I finished the shoes and it came out pretty cool,” said Rivero.

Those pretty cool shoes got the attention of former Miami Dolphin Nolan Carroll who asked Rivero for a custom pair of his own. And to repay him, Carroll asked Marcus to make 12 more pairs for his other Dolphin teammates.

“The rest was history. That night eight guys called me. Within weeks, it turned into 16, to 50 and now we are about 500 guys,” said Rivero.

Marcus has at least one player on every single NFL team wearing a pair of Soles By Sir.

This month, the shoes he’s creating for his clients are extra special. It’s all about the color pink for breast cancer awareness.

“I did about eight last week. I have about 15 guys who want them this week, because the NFL now, it’s not the whole month they are giving teams certain weeks,” said Rivero.

So be on the lookout for Rivero’s shoes this month which happens to be the only time the football players are not fined by the NFL for wearing colorful shoes.

“There’s teams out there that can’t wear white shoes. A guy I was dealing with last night from the Bears, he got fined because his cleats were too black,” Rivero.

Those fines don’t stop players from asking Rivero for the custom cleats. The most controversial pair he’s made were for Seattle Seahawk Marshawn Lynch who wanted his cleats for last year’s NFC and Super Bowl games to be all gold!

“Next thing you know, he comes out for the warm ups, he comes out for the player announcements when they say his name in gold shoes. About 30 seconds before the first play he had to take them off. There’s video of the ref coming up to him and he takes the shoes off,” said Rivero.

While watching football this season, look out for Rivero’s gold, blue, orange, and this month the pink cleats on the field. For those who want a pair of custom Soles by Sir, you’re going to have to wait a while. Rivero has a back order of about 250 pairs.

Source: South Florida’s Soles By Sir Takes Breast Cancer Awareness To The NFL

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