The outcome of Super Bowl XLIX between the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots will certainly be measured in points–though in the larger game of life, you could argue that the true winner will be the team with the fewest concussions. But there is another competition afoot: Which player will have the illest shoes?

We spoke about what to expect on Super Bowl Sunday with Marcus Rivero, aka Soles by Sir, the custom-footwear king of the NFL. The Miami-based painter and designer says his shoes will be worn by players on both teams on February 1. Sales have been good since his status spiked this month after Instagramming a pair of gold-flake cleats commissioned by the Seahawks’ Marshawn Lynch, which were instantly banned by the NFL.

Apparently there’s some league rule we don’t understand about shoes needing to match the color of uniforms. But we do understand banning a shoe is a sure-fire way to make it legendary and Rivero says business is better than ever.

Men’s Shop Daily: Who are your other clients on the Seahawks?
Rivero: I work with Jeron Johnson, Jeremy Lane, Byron Maxwell, Marshawn Lynch, and I’ve worked before with Bruce Irvin. This will be the second year that I’ll have shoes in the Super Bowl. I had some Seattle guys last year.

And what kinds of designs have you done for them?
Normally stuff that matches the uniform. I’ve incorporated the Seahawks design that they have running down their pants. Seahawks colors. Sometimes they have me do their initials, their wives’, their friends’, their babies’–stuff like that.

What was Marshawn Lynch’s original request of you for the gold cleats?
His original request was just all-gold. So I was going to paint them. But he said, “I want legit gold on those shoes.” I knew I couldn’t dip them in gold because that would be too heavy. So I incorporated gold flake in the paint.

Are you doing any Patriots players’ shoes?
Yes. From the Patriots you’ll have Akeem Ayers, Shane Vereen, Devin McCourty–those are the three right now.

Which of your designs should we look for at Super Bowl XLIX?
Let’s just say there will be one of Seattle’s that you’re gonna know it’s mine from a mile away. And the same for New England. I’m doing several, but there’ll be one on each team that–by far–it’s not that they’re the best, it’s that they’re the most out there. I can’t say who the players are because I don’t want to get them in trouble with the NFL.

There were rumors last year that Marshawn Lynch would retire after the Super Bowl. What if he was planning on retiring after this one? Wouldn’t it be cool if in the fourth quarter he went ahead and laced up the gold cleats?
That’s exactly what I would do.

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–Andrew Matson